• Do what you love and the rest will follow.

Lina and Tony have built their careers—in fact, their lives—on building homes. In the 1980s, Lina and Tony built their first home. And then another… and another… and so on and so on. Building homes for themselves, they quickly saw that they had a following as friends and family sought their advice, and later, their skills to build them their dream homes. Starting out as novices, with only their passion for construction and design fueling their fire, it was Tony’s father, also a builder, that inspired the couple to build their first home, and as they say, the rest is history.

Tony was a quick study and learned the ins and outs of every trade as he built each and every new home. An on-the-job, hands-on type of guy, Tony dug in and worked with every tradesman and artisan, learning each craft well enough to understand how all aspects of construction worked together and could integrate seamlessly to create a quality home that would last for generations.

Lina was all about the details, supporting Tony in his work, but also working with all of the tradespeople and artisans, coordinating design and most importantly, making sure the projects were well managed and the clients happy.

Today, this husband and wife team has nearly 30 years (each!) of experience, 16 of those with Grandscape, crafting luxury custom homes. With just over 50 homes constructed to date, the couple have perfected the building process, built a solid team of tradespeople and artisans, and have a loyal following of satisfied clients.

We had a truly exceptional experience building our forever home with Grandscape Homes.  We put in a lot of time and detail in our custom home and Tony and Lina were there with us through the entire process.  They worked with us and supported us before, during and after the build.  They were easily accessible and always available to answer our questions or provide information to help us make decisions.  Their phenomenal communication was key to the success of our home.  They dedicated an incredible amount of time and attention to us and made us feel like we were their only project.

Dr. Rachid Mohammed and Lisa Mancell