The Pedersons

What an absolute pleasure it has been building a home with you.  From the planning stages and though the construction we were never disappointed.  Your trades are fantastic people who are highly skilled and take great pride in their work.  It was clear that you have chosen these craftsmen carefully and they have remained loyal because you treat them so well.  Our home reflects their attention to detail.

Tony is a humble, modest man with great expertise in home building.  He surrounds himself with the right people to help him through building challenges and is comfortable asking for advice when needed.  He was always accessible to discuss issues with our build, and updated us regularly on key progress points, decisions, and deadlines.  I found he gave sound advice but also listened to all our concerns.

The accounting for the house was fully transparent.  Options were clearly identified but there was no pressure to upgrade, or in fact need to upgrade, from the original specs.  There is a clear understanding that even though we are building a custom home, every dollar going into it has to be earned on our end and this was never taken for granted by Tony and Lina.

Thank you for building us a home to enjoy for many years to come.  The final product is an outstanding custom home, on budget, and on time.  We couldn’t have made a better decision in choosing a homebuilder.  We would be happy to have future potential customers contact us as a strong reference.


The Pedersons