Phase One Design

We have been collaborating with Tony and Lina (Grandscape owners) on custom home-build projects for over 5 years now, and have had the pleasure of working with them in helping many homeowners build their custom home. They have been absolutely amazing to work with. Their approach to building a home entirely revolves around the needs of the client. They are both very involved in the project on a day-to-day basis giving much care and attention to every detail. Tony himself was “brought up on the tools”, so he is very knowledgeable about construction practices, and the nuances which come with a custom home build. He is exceptionally skilled at anticipating issues before they arise, and problem-solving to ensure the final product is exactly as the client wanted, while being mindful of keeping on budget. As I mentioned, their entire service is extremely client-focused. 

It’s always very impressive when you speak to a client who has built with Grandscape Homes. Not only do they rave about their phenomenal experience, quality of home, and attention to detail. They are still very vocal about how stress-free and satisfying their home-build experience with Tony and Lina was – this is a huge testament in itself to the level of builder that Grandscape Homes is. I would very highly recommend Grandscape Homes to anyone who is looking to build a beautiful custom home.