We do it right the first time, so that you can save later.



Listening to Grandscape’s clients talk about their homes, one thing becomes very clear – Grandscape is committed to delivering a quality product. This starts with the very foundation of a home; the integrity of the structure is key and we don’t take any shortcuts. In fact, we over deliver in almost all facets of the build, ensuring that your home lasts for generations to come.


We employ a highly qualified team of tradespeople, artisans and project managers that make sure your home is built to the highest of standards and delivered on time. Our clients are welcome on site at any time to see the progress of the build, discuss any issues and be part of our process. Our transparency is one of our big differentiators; clients are able to talk with Tony or any of our tradespeople directly and Tony’s cell is on 24 hours a day.


Clients benefit from detailed budgets delivered prior to the start of construction and regular follow-up reporting. Due to our detailed approach, we’ve consistently met, or come in under budget on the original scope of our homes.

Grandscape builds a very high quality home, and people always comment on how “solid” our home feels. We truly could not have picked a better builder to build our dream home – it is such an emotional and time-consuming process, and it is so important to have had a builder we trusted so much.

Paul and Robyn Fedak